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Reports > 2009 > November > Friday 20
Friday, November 20, 2009
By Dave Graybill
Everybody wants perch. I get e-mails throughout the year with people asking me where they can go to catch a mess of perch. This time of year it gets pretty skinny, but there are a couple places that can keep perch anglers busy through the late fall. One of the places is Banks Lake. Perch often school up in areas like Osborne Bay or the bays near the airport at Banks. It will take some looking, and when you find them, stay on them. A good place to begin your search is off the weed beds in these areas. Rufus Woods has some nice, big perch in it, but it is particularly frustrating to fish. You’ll find a bunch of perch in one spot, and the next day they are gone. One of the tricks my brother uses taking along some weighted markers. While he is trolling for triploids he keeps an eye on his depth sounder. When he passes over a big school of perch, he throws the marker out and then goes back with his perch gear to get them. Perch move around a lot on Rufus, so when you find them better work them hard.