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Reports > 2010 > December > Monday 13
Monday, December 13, 2010
By Dave Graybill
I snuck out for an afternoon’s fishing on the Wenatchee River. Actually, Rollie Schmitten, of Lake Wenatchee, called me and got me out of the house, in spite of an impending snow storm in Leavenworth. Boy, am I glad he called. We ran down to one of the local holes near town, and he really put on a show. I decided to use my fly rod, and all I did was run up and down the bank to get my camera to record the fish that Schmitten was hooking. He was trying out his new bobber rod, and it worked pretty good. He hooked three fish and landed two in the time we were in the hole, which was less than an hour and a half. He was also trying out one of the new Maxi Jigs from Yakima Bait that Shane Magnuson introduced us to on a trip out of Pateros. They work just as good on the Wenatchee without bait as they did on the Columbia, baited with shrimp. The two fish that Schmitten landed were both wild, and I snapped a shot of them while they were still in the water while he removed the barbless hooks. If you were wondering, yes, there are fish in the Wenatchee.