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Reports > 2011 > April > Wednesday 13
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
By Dave Graybill
I have been away and had a great time with my family on Lopez Island in the San Juans. This is the second year that my Dad arranged for a cabin on a bay there, and it is a wonderful get together with the grandkids, brothers and sisters and other guests. We spend a lot of time searching for treasures on the beach (mostly interesting looking rocks and shells), and roast hot dogs and Smores over the fire. We play a lot of cards when it rains, and generally take it easy. We had a great meal of fresh clams from a local farm. They have an honor system, where you pick out your favorite shellfish, weigh them and put the money owed in a box on the counter; only on Lopez. It’s a beautiful island and there is good fishing for flounder off some of the piers, but I didn’t even take a rod. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my daughter and other family members. I am absent or late to enough gatherings every year due to my fishing. This is a great opportunity to have a different kind of experience on the “wet side” of the mountains.