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Reports > 2011 > June > Friday 03
Friday, June 3, 2011
By Dave Graybill
I have been trying to get back up to Lake Chelan and take some folks fishing, but am having a hard time scheduling when the sun is shining. There are plenty of sunny days, just not the ones when I can go. There are a lot of great things going on at Chelan right now. The kokanee fishing is hot. Anglers are getting limits of these baby sockeye in no time, and I want to get some people in on that action. After I get limits of kokanee chilled in the cooler I want to show them some lake trout fishing. When the kokanee are in the lower basin at Chelan the lake trout really put on the feed bag and you can catch some really prime fish. It is not unusual to catch them while fishing for kokanee, even in very shallow water, and boy do they fight! At this time of year there is another option for anglers in the lower basin, and that’s smallmouth bass. There are docks, stumps and rock piles that can be seen in the shallow, clear water and there are usually smallmouth hanging around them. I’m not a “pro” so I don’t catch the 5- and 6-pound fish when they are on the nests, but I have a ball catching fish up to 3 pounds just cruising around near Lakeside, and all the way down to the Chelan River section of the lake.