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Reports > 2017 > August > Wednesday 23
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I enjoyed a different experience on Monday. Fred Lillian, who has traveled with my wife and others on our trips to Belize and Mexico, invited me to join his father for a day of crabbing on Puget Sound. I jumped at the chance. We love crab and I haven’t been on the Sound for many years. We left Everett Harbor and found ourselves running blind in the fog. We thought it best to sit it out, observe the solar eclipse and wait until the fog burned off. When it did we found ourselves just below Hat Island and began running up to Camano Head. All of a sudden Fred yelled and I looked over just in time to see a Humpback whale splash down. We saw it broach twice and playfully wave its huge fins at us for about a half hour. What a show! We then ran up and pulled the three pots Fred had in place. On our first pass we put six keepers in the boat, and on the next pass added nine more for our limits. We went back to Fred’s home and while the crab were cooked and cleaned I heard of many of Fred senior and junior’s fishing adventures all over the western states. They are passionate about fishing, and even at 87 Fred senior is still at it. Thank you two for a wonderful day!