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Reports > 2017 > December > Monday 11
Monday, December 11, 2017
By Dave Graybill
It is not too late to try to put some fresh walleye in the freezer before winter really sets in. I last winter took me by surprise and both Potholes Reservoir and Banks Lake got a solid layer of ice pretty early in the chilly season. I had hoped to fish both of these reservoirs over the winter months. I have had success on Potholes casting blade baits. This is a popular technique when water temperatures are cold. They cast a mile so you can work a good amount of water as you lift and drop your rod to retrieve them back to the boat. When you get a bite, it is often just a heavy feeling instead of the “buzz” you usually feel when you lift your rod tip. When you do get a walleye it is a good idea to make several casts to the same area. There is a good chance that more than one walleye likes the spot you found the first one in. This is really a fun way to fish and is one of the better ways to get walleye in the winter. There are some new vertical plugs and jigs on the market too, that would be fun to play with.