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Thursday, December 7, 2017
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Being an avid hunter and fisherman, that automatically gives me the right to complain about the hunting and fishing laws, right? Well, that's what most of us think. I thought I'd put some levity in this report with some strange laws on the books in other states. In North Dakota, it's illegal to fall asleep while sitting down to watch for deer. Carrying a slingshot in your pocket in Alaska will run you afoul of a concealed weapons law. In our fair state, it's illegal to harass Bigfoot and in California, it's illegal to hunt Sasquatch. Here's a strange Wyoming, its illegal to take a picture of a rabbit between January and April. Don't try to noodle fish in Indiana. It's illegal to catch fish by hand there. It's also illegal to harvest a fish with a firearm in Wyoming, that's called "Fredo's Law." In Kansas, it's illegal to take a game bird unless its in flight. But if its a turkey, it's ok to shoot it on the ground or in the air, just not in the roost. Finally, in Alabama, you may not use fire or smoke to hunt. Until next time, Good Fishing!