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Reports > 2017 > November > Wednesday 29
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Dave Graybill
In one of my recent reports I mentioned that we caught two sizes of triploids at Rufus Woods Reservoir. They were either about 18 inches and maybe 2 pounds, or 12 inches or about a half-pound. I was pretty sure that most of the releases from the Colville Tribe of triploid rainbow trout were larger than the small trout that we caught, so I sent a note to the tribe to see what was up. They got right back to me and explained that there was a release of over 32,000 triploids in mid September. This was due to elevated water temperatures and other concerns. They figured the fish would do better in the reservoir than being confined in the net pens. This really boosts the number of fish available to anglers in Rufus Woods, and they grow really fast. Still, I would recommend that casting lures with barbless hooks would be the way to go so these small fish will have a change to get bigger. Under current rules every fish caught on bait counts toward your daily limit, which is two fish on Rufus Woods Reservoir.