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Reports > 2019 > February > Tuesday 26
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. After chasing basketball all around Friday and Saturday, Marion and I finally had a chance to get to the Wenatchee Valley Sportsmen's Show Sunday. Of course, we had about 4-inches of fresh snow on the ground and more falling rapidly as we sloshed our way to the Town Toyota Center. 18-bucks lighter in my wallet and we were in. As soon as we began filtering our way in a direction, we heard an announcement over the PA system that there would be a walleye taco cooking demonstration in 15-minutes. Marion immediately drug me to the back of the facility where we ran into Richy Harrod. HE would be doing the demonstration! He told me how many people he'd heard from at the show who watch his shows on the channel where I work NCWLIFE. After working up an appetite watching Richy fry up some cod (he couldn't use walleye because of state rules), we bellied up to the bar and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Good stuff! Then I scooted over to Lunker Lake and captured some fishing fun with the kids. It was old home week, seeing friends and catching up. Until next time, Good Fishing!