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Reports > 2019 > January > Friday 04
Friday, January 4, 2019
By Dave Graybill
If you plan on fishing Rocky Ford Creek this winter, better make sure your leader is hefty and your knots are tied properly. There are some whoppers in the Ford this year. I fished Rocky Ford last Wednesday afternoon. When I pulled into the upper parking lot, I was pleased to see Mike Schmuck, the District 5 Biologist with the Department of Fish and Wildlife from the Ephrata office. He was there checking on the condition of the stream, visiting with anglers and admiring the big fish that are easily seen all along the mile-long stretch of public access here. After visiting with Mike and a couple of other fly fishers, I talked him into doing a short video with me, which can be seen on the Facebook Page. I then walked down to one of the spots I like to cast from below the handicapped dock. On my third cast I got a tremendous hit and watched the fish tear across the stream and break me off. I was using a 7-pound leader! That’s the heaviest that I carry in my fly fishing bag, so I am going to be sure I have some 8-pound the next time I fish the Ford.