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Thursday, June 20, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Several years ago when I was at the radio station, we hosted a Seahawks golf tournament around this time of year. We'd have a few current players mixed in with former players that would spread across a field of foursomes and raise money for various charities. On a particular tournament in mind at Bear Mountain Ranch in Chelan, I was teamed up with backup quarterback Seneca Wallace, Kristie Taylor and Greg McEwen. Seneca was new to the game and we were trying to teach him pacing on his swing. Kristie verbalized Seneca's name while swinging saying "Sen-a-ca" on the back swing and "Wall-ace" on the front swing. It's all about pacing. I saw Seneca in the elevator in Kansas City before a pre-season game with the Chiefs the next August and he immediately smiled and shouted, "Sen-a-ca Wall-ace" while mimicking a gold swing. To this day, when I'm swinging a golf club, or, as I'm whipping a fly rod through the air, I have those words echoing in my head, "Sen-a-ca Wall-ace." I'll be hearing it again this weekend as I fly fish the Teanaway River. Hopefully I'll had "caught some fish" to the mantra. Until next time, Good Fishing!