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Reports > 2019 > March > Thursday 14
Thursday, March 14, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The biggest reward for putting in the work, when it comes to ANYTHING, is enjoying the bounty of your labor. This is especially true when it comes to fishing! The strange thing for me is that I didn't dive into the splendor of fresh water white fish such as walleye and perch until just a few years ago. I grew up a salmon, cod, and trout fisherman. It was handed down to me from my Dad that you eat what you catch. Catch and release was NOT in my nomenclature. So several years ago when I was asked by my buddy Phil to go walleye fishing, I said "WHY?!" It was only after I caught a few of the ugly creatures that I realized the beauty of eating them. And to think I'd lived most of my life without enjoying that! These were as good if not better than trout! Thus was the case with our perch fry the other night. I used crushed Ritz crackers, flour and eggs and fried them in light oil. Now for your input. What's your favorite way to cook them? Head to Facebook and let me know. Until next time, Good Fishing!