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Reports > 2019 > October > Friday 25
Friday, October 25, 2019
By Dave Graybill
Once again my fishing day didn’t turn out as planned. I did go to Roses Lake with Tom Verschueren, but what we caught wasn’t what I had anticipated. I wanted to get a bunch of the big bluegill and crappie that inhabit Roses Lake. We did get some bluegill but no crappie. However, the perch fishing saved the day. We found a spot at the north end of the lake that was producing perch up to 10 inches. Fish that size I decided to keep. I am glad I did. Of course, I thought we could find bluegill or crappie elsewhere on the lake and I wasted a bunch of time looking for them. We wound up right back where we started and really focused on getting more of the big perch. We were just using either a hook above a sinker or yellow and white jibs, baited with a piece of nightcrawler. We stopped fishing at about 2:30 and I filleted 22 fat perch. All but a few were 10-inchers. So, the perch fishing was worth the trip to Roses Lake, and since it was clear and sunny with no wind we both considered the day a success. By the way, the entrance road and parking area has been freshly paved and there are new restrooms here, too.
My fishing buddy and I caught a bunch of 10-inch perch on Roses Lake on Wednesday.