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Reports > 2019 > October > Wednesday 30
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
By Dave Graybill
Well, the trip to Rufus Woods didn’t turn out like I expected. I had dreams of fish so big that they barely fit in the net the night before. I was day late. We talked to an angler at the net pens, and he got a 14-pounder the day before. You know what they say, you should have been there yesterday. When my fishing buddy James Lebow and I were launching the boat, there was an angler reeling a dandy triploid that probably weighed 3 or 4 pounds. He was fishing right next to the launch. So, of course, we ran all the way down to the net pens in a chilly 18-degree morning to get nothing. We were both shocked. But, hey, that’s fishing. We talked to a tribal fish checker and she said it had been slow for a while up and down the length of Rufus Woods. Fish are being caught, but there has been little flow and the water temperature is still fairly high. When water cools down things heat up on Rufus Woods. I plan on making more trips up there this winter. I know a big one is waiting for me. Either at the net pens or Brandts Landing.