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Reports > 2022 > January > Tuesday 18
Tuesday, January 18, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For I'm Eric Granstrom. I was supposed to go ice fishing with my buddy Dave Koepke a week ago but I was sidelined with sickness. When I saw him posting pictures Saturday of his success, I HAD to see if he wanted to go again Sunday. He was up for it, so I idled in front of his house at 7:30 Sunday morning, ready for the half-hour drive towards Quincy. The snow was about 6-inches deep as we made our way down a windy path towards the lake's edge. My brand new ice fishing sled from Hooked on Toys was working nicely, carrying our rods, an ice auger and a couple buckets. We slogged across about 4-inches of slush and snow on the lake's surface about 250-yards to his holes from the day before. I barely got my Swedish Pimple in the water and Dave already had 5 perch flopping on the ice around his hole. I finally got things dialed in by adding a perch eyeball. We kept 29 nice-sized perch for the day and caught at least twice that many. Dave also hooked a couple walleye, but lost them. Fish tacos tonight! Until next time, Good Fishing!