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Reports > 2022 > June > Friday 03
Friday, June 3, 2022
By Dave Graybill
James Lebow and I can’t agree on whose idea it was to try Soda Lake for walleye, but at any rate it was a very good idea. James got his friend Ryan Eric Harris to come along, and it turned out that he was the one that got wet when we put the boat in at the very shallow launch at the upper end of Soda. We tried fishing at the inlet, and Ryan got a nice smallmouth here, but we decided to explore further down the lake. At about midway on Soda James noticed a good number of what appeared to be walleye marks, so we put out our bottom bouncers, with a variety of green-colored Smile blades on Slow Death Hooks. This turned out to be a very snaggy ridge, but there were walleye all over it, and they were hungry. We landed fish after fish and missed a bunch of bites and got hung up a lot, but it was worth it. We pounded this ridge and although we were down to using pieces of worm to bait our hooks we landed 24 walleye that ranged in size from 14 ½ to 17 ½ inches—perfect eater size fish.
Turns out that Soda Lake, just 25 miles from Moses Lake is loaded with hungry walleye.