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Reports > 2022 > March > Thursday 31
Thursday, March 31, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For I'm Eric Granstrom. Marion and I have been working quite a bit on our camper over the past few weeks. She asked if I could build some steps to help us get up into the bed area easier. I'm by no means a carpenter, but was able to put together some pieces of hemlock and build a light-weight, yet sturdy five step system to make it easier to climb up into bed. Marion also wanted to change the seating area around the table, so we've been working on that too. She found a Lagun Table System online. It's a strong, lightweight aluminum base mount for a table that allows you to swing and position a table in multiple positions and heights. It also disassembles so you can stow your table away if you want to just sit around and visit. Now that the changes have been made, we're hooking up the boat this weekend and headed to Banks Lake to see if we can coax some walleye to bite. Then, the weekend after we're headed for MarDon Resort for the weekend to camp and fish. A marginal March is quickly becoming an angling April. Until next time, Good Fishing!