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Reports > 2022 > March > Wednesday 30
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
By Dave Graybill
My wife enjoyed being out in the boat so much as week that she wanted to go again as soon as possible. On Monday we traveled to Potholes Reservoir. This is one of my favorite places to fish, and although I usually am targeting walleye, I know that there are big rainbow in the reservoir. Way back when I was the photo editor at Fishing and Hunting News I would get photos of big rainbow every spring, and I wanted to see if I could catch some. We found the docks in place at the State Park, which is right next to where the Frenchman Wasteway enters Potholes. I pointed the boat toward the dunes, and when I had the rods out, made a turn back toward the State Park. Very soon the rod with a jointed, floating Rapala hooked up. The fish was all over the place, jumping at least five times, and we managed to get it in the boat. It was a fat 20-inch fish—just what I was looking for. We continued to troll down to Mar Don, but that was the only one we landed. We had a great time on the water.
I landed this 20-inch rainbow right off the State Park on Potholes Reservoir.