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Reports > 2011 > October > Wednesday 19
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
By Dave Graybill
My fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten and I gave the area below Wells Dam for steelhead a try last week. We had heard a great report and thought we would have a chance at loading up on some fish. Not so. We tried the spot where I caught a dandy on our first trip last season. Had one fish on and it could have been a triploid as we didn’t even get a look at it before it slipped the hook on my jig. The bar, which is usually a slam dunk, produced nothing. I drifted the Jetcraft clear down around the corner over lots of good water, and didn’t get a sniff. We tried a couple of other spots, and I finally suggested that we run up to Bridgeport and give it a try there. I didn’t get an argument from Schmitten and away we went. It was a great decision. We were into fish immediately, and although most were triploids, at least we were getting some action. I did manage to take one small hatchery steelhead up here, and we missed a bunch of hits. I won’t give up on Wells as a steelhead fishing destination, but I will wait a while. More fish will settle in here later in the season.