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Reports > 2012 > September > Friday 21
Friday, September 21, 2012
By Dave Graybill
I haven’t been able to get down river to fish for fall salmon below Wanapum Dam, Priest Rapids or White Bluff myself, so I checked in my buddy Shane Magnuson to see if there are any fish being caught down there. He immediately sent me a photo to my phone of a king that must have weighed 30 pounds. Yes, he said, the fishing is pretty good. He was fishing below Wanapum when he caught this one, but he will be bouncing from White Bluffs to Priest Rapids and Wanapum looking for the best bite. The season is off to a great start in this stretch of the Columbia and will get even better as more fish move into the area. Anglers are catching a mix of late summer runs and fall fish right now, but fall salmon will be predominant soon. Anglers will be fishing Super Baits and Super Bait Plug Cuts in the deeper holes in these popular fall salmon destinations, and back-bouncing herring or eggs and even back-trolling bait-wrapped plugs. I plan to make my first trip to the south to White Bluffs, where I have had some exciting days this time of year for fall salmon.