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Reports > 2021 > October > Thursday 21
Thursday, October 21, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For I'm Eric Granstrom. For some reason, I went down a rabbit hole the other night and sat watching fishing videos for hours. Most of what I watched involved kokanee fishing on various lakes throughout the Northwest. I watched guys jig for kokanee on a lake in southwest Oregon; troll big bodies of water in northern California, and chum and mooch kokanee in Lake Stevens in western Washington. I know Dave's been plying the waters of Chelan for kokanee and I've been seeing quite a few posts by Michael Hugev on Facebook on his success at Chelan as well. I guess you could say I have kokanee on the brain. I'm also wondering about the kokanee fishing on Lake Roosevelt. I'm sure that wintery fishery doesn't kick in for a while, but you can beat those big, bright, hard-fighting fish that can weigh in at 4 to 5-pounds! By the way, my wife and I recently receiving an air fryer as a gift and she cooked up some of the Coho I caught on the Icicle a week ago and it was fabulous! I wondered aloud what adding liquid smoke would do. Yep, fish on the brain! Until next time, Good Fishing!