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Reports > 2023 > November > Wednesday 15
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
By Dave Graybill
I often say that we have many clear, calm and sunny days over here, and Tuesday was one of them. It was a great day to be on Lake Chelan, and we had very good kokanee fishing, too. Tom Verschueren and I started fishing just above the Yacht Club, and with a double. One was a small cutthroat and the other was a small kokanee. I thought, oh boy, here we go! We landed seven kokanee trolling in this spot Then the bite slowed way down, and the wind started to blow a bit. It seemed like a good time to try another area, and we drove the boat to the “Blue Roofs”. We got a fish within ten minutes of getting our gear out, but nothing for about 20 minutes. We crossed the lake and started trolling below Rocky Point and things changed—for the better. We were getting more fish, and they were larger than the kokanee we were getting above the Yacht Club. We got 13 in about an hour and a half. Several were 13- to 14-inches. We ran the riggers at 80 feet, and rods with five ounce leads at 80 on the line counter.