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Reports > 2010 > September > Friday 17
Friday, September 17, 2010
By Dave Graybill
Every once in a while I get one of these notices that some anglers find hard believe. No size restrictions and no limit? I know, that’s not what we’re used to reading when it comes to lake fishing in our area. However, there are several lakes slated for rehabilitation in Grant County, and temporarily the daily limits and size restrictions have been removed for all game fish. The lakes found in the Columbia Wildlife Area south of O’Sullivan Dam include: Heart, June, all of the Windmill lakes, Canal and Pit. These lakes are open to unrestricted fishing until October 3rd. Bag limit and size restrictions have been removed from nearby North and South Teal lakes for the same time period. Other lakes that will be rehabbed and have temporarily suspended bag and size limits are found near George, Washington. Martha Lake is found just east of the town and to the west are the Caliche lakes. These lakes will have unrestricted fishing through October 10th. Licensed anglers are encouraged to harvest the remaining game fish in all of the lakes mentioned prior to the rehab. I know the Caliche lakes are full of perch. I just may go down and get a bunch myself.