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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
By Dave Graybill
Most people that are looking at the fish counts over our dams are checking on the fall salmon run. I have mentioned that it is going to be a good one, with over 200,000 more fall fish entering the Columbia River than last year. Well, I had heard of some great news about the steelhead season for this year. Apparently the run is coming in at three times the ten-year average, and showing up early. Typically, I don’t really get excited until about September 15th, when the Department of Fish and Wildlife does their survey at Wells Dam. If you look at the Dart fish count report you will see that there are already over 15,000 steelhead passed Priest Rapids Dam. That is the number that signals the opportunity for seasons on the upper Columbia and our tributaries. Even with the record return of last year, I don’t recall that the fish were here in such numbers so early. It looks very, very good to have seasons on our local rivers and that the season may open earlier than I have ever heard. If you are a steelhead fishing fan, keep your eyes on the Department of Fish and Wildlife web site and also watch or listen to my reports, I may be holding a steelhead seminar at Town Ford very soon.