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Reports > 2012 > November > Friday 23
Friday, November 23, 2012
By Dave Graybill
I had planned a trip back to Rocky Ford Creek, but when the forecast called for twenty-mile an hour winds I changed my mind. My fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten agreed, saying he just needed to put a different rod in his rig. So we switched to bobber and jig gear and headed to Entiat, where he keeps Barb’s boat for the winter. We anchored off the bar at a spot that has produced steelhead before, and although the day was sunny and calm, there was no current. Schmitten got one take down, but was on the phone at the time and missed it. Due to the lack of current we decided to head up to Chelan Falls, where we had found some fish a couple of weeks ago. Running up to a spot near the bridge we began casting. Schmitten’s bobber was disappearing on almost every cast, but trying to run the boat and manage his rod was a challenge. I missed a fish and hooked a salmon smolt. Choosing to rest the hole, as we knew fish were there we tried some other areas without success. We were running out of time, so tried our earlier drift again. I hooked an amazing fish on the first pass. It jumped at least four times before we got it to boat for release. On the next pass Schmitten hooked and landed a nice hatchery fish. That’s all we needed. It kept our streak alive and he had a fresh steelhead for his Thanksgiving feast.