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Reports > 2021 > March > Thursday 18
Thursday, March 18, 2021
By Eric
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. My ear was still warm from being pressed up against the phone for the past hour. I lowered my hand into my lap, staring down at its face, looking back at the image on it until the light faded and went out. Then I looked up out our living room window at our view of the glacially-carved rim of the Columbia River valley. I took a long, deep breath and then said aloud, "I'm going to miss those conversations." I had just hung up with my Dad following our near daily conversations over the phone, connecting us from his home in the woods east of Mount Vernon to our home here on Airport Acres in East Wenatchee. The excitement in his voice was easily detectable as we spoke of future fishing trips and a turkey hunt this spring. These conversations begin with weather, wander to fishing and hunting, take an occasional detour into politics, but never really talk about the things that matter. But then again, maybe those are all the things that really matter. He's 78. It feels like a race to get it all in. I'll miss him. Until next time, Good Fishing!