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Reports > 2024 > June > Thursday 13
Thursday, June 13, 2024
By Dave Graybill
For something completely different, I traveled to Moses Lake to take a tour of the ORV Park. This park has over 3,000 acres and much of it is set aside for the use of those who enjoy off roading. Rich Archer, of the Sand Scorpions ORV Group, was glad to meet me at the entrance at the bottom end of Moses Lake to show me around. He unstrapped his two seater side by side, backed it off the trailer, and away we went. He first showed me where the park is at the edge of the top end of Potholes Reservoir, and that’s where they can get muddy. After that we zoomed down the sandy trails and out into the rolling dunes. While I clutched my camera gear to my chest we flew over the rolling sand dunes. We would roar straight up until I could see nothing but sky and then down the face of the dune. Rich told me later that he was a former race car driver, and it showed. What a thrill. I can see how people on two wheels or four get addicted. Wait till you see the video of this adventure! It will be posted soon.