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Reports > 2024 > June > Tuesday 18
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
By Dave Graybill
Many folks begin their boating season right about now. They may be bringing their boat out of storage for the first time for their first on-the-water adventure with the family or friends. I am surprised at the number of boats I see at the ramp that won’t start. They either have a dead battery or bad gas. It’s always a good idea to start motor before you have a load of people on board for a day of fishing or recreational boating fun. I am also disappointed to see people parked on the ramp while they load their coolers, and other items. Please do this before you pull up and block the lane. Another thing to be aware of is what you need on board for safety. You need to have life jackets for everyone and if there are kids under twelve in the boat they need to be wearing the life jacket. Every boat also needs to have a fire extinguisher, a sound signaling device, like a whistle or horn, and navigation lights that are visible from sunset to sunrise. A first aid kit is also a good idea. Google boating safety equipment for a complete list. Be safe and have fun!