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Reports > 2014 > January > Friday 17
Friday, January 17, 2014
By Dave Graybill
I am getting some good reports on the fishing at Rufus Woods Reservoir and I am going to give it a try myself. There are triploids of over 5 pounds being taken along the can line above the dam, and some very nice kokanee being hooked as well. I have talked to a few anglers that have had success on the triploids and the number of kokanee being taken is the best that I have heard of for several years. Anglers are using a variety of lures for their fish. They range from dodger and hoochie rigs that are typically used for kokanee, but the triploids like them, too. Others are using plugs, like the Rippin’ Minnow for their fish. I will try the can line, the east shore and as far up as the first pump on my trip. I have some proven flies I put out behind a dodger and also add the Wiggle Fin Action Disc to the head of the fly. This set up has caught as many triploids for me as any other on Rufus. If you want to try flies, be sure they have plenty of Crystal Flash or Flashabou tied into the pattern. Wooly Bugger style flies work just fine.