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Reports > 2014 > January > Wedbesday 29
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
By Dave Graybill
I ran up to Fish Lake to do an ice check on Saturday and was glad to see officer Chris Erhardt there. He said people had been fishing here without pause since late December, but there had been times that he certainly would not have recommended it. There was a period where there was four inches of slush on top of the ice and he thought it was not safe to be on it. Even now there is open water at the top end of the lake. There were several groups of anglers out on the ice when I was there. Our temperatures are cold enough at night to maintain ice, but not really create a thicker layer. I always tell people to check the thickness before going out on it, and Erhardt told me that some anglers are drilling holes next to the dock and standing on it to fish. When I got home I saw a message on my Facebook Page from Nadine West saying that someone had fallen through the ice there recently. Remember, there should be at least four inches of good ice for ice fishing. Always be careful. Just because people are out there doesn’t mean you should be there, too.