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Reports > 2014 > January > Wednesday 15
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
By Dave Graybill
Although we haven’t had much snow this winter, we have had cool enough temperatures to put a safe layer of ice on many of the lakes in the region. One of the popular spots for perch fishing each winter is at Coulee City on Banks Lake. People drill holes in the ice right in the boat basin of the marina and make good catches of perch. This is how happening. I passed by here on my way back from fishing at Lake Roosevelt. I was surprised to see just one angler here, and he had some perch. Where most people are fishing this year is on the outside of the new dike on the back side of the marina. There was a large crowd of anglers there last Thursday, and I am sure it was much larger on the weekend. There must be good numbers of perch being taken here. Anglers should always approach ice with caution. We have some warmer weather forecast, and it could thin out the ice layer on our lakes. I got a good report on the fishing at the bottom end of Rufus Woods Reservoir, and that is where I plan to take the boat next.