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Reports > 2014 > July > Wednesday 16
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
By Dave Graybill
I made a trip up to Wells Dam last week, after fishing for kings at Chelan Falls. The king fishing at Chelan Falls was very disappointing after having a great opening day there. I only fished for a couple of hours, and I only saw one net out the whole time. All the anglers were complaining about how slow it was. Fishing with Rollie Schmitten and his eight-year-old grandson Noah we I really wanted to get him some fish, so we made the run up to Wells. There were only about ten boats in the big eddy across from the launch, and we joined the parade. The eddy was full of sockeye. They would appear in swarms and then swim off. When they were there it was hot. I watched one boat take sockeye consistently, and others not get a bite. It took me a while to figure it out, and when I did we stared getting fish. Leader length didn’t seem to matter as much as having fresh bait and giving it a good dose of Graybill’s Guide Formula. Don’t let the current pull you into the yellow buoy, and watch the big rocks at the point, and stay in line!