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Reports > 2017 > February > Friday 03
Friday, February 3, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I recently got an e-mail from someone who liked to fish from the bank at Rufus Woods. He usually fishes near Chief Joseph Dam near Bridgeport. He wondered if I had any reports on the fishing on Rufus Woods. Well, as it happens I saw someone at the show in Puyallup. He was so excited to see me and tell me he had watched the video Eric Granstrom and I did. We were fishing from the shore at Brandts Landing on Rufus Woods. He was going stir crazy, sitting around the house, and need to do something. The video triggered a trip to Brandts Landing and he had a photo of two trout he caught. They weighed close to 5 pounds each! He couldn’t believe that he was the only one up there. He figured with fishing like that there would be more people around. It does show you that although the chance of catching one of those really huge trout on Rufus Woods is pretty slim, catching rainbow like this is very common. If you are suffering from cabin fever and need a fishing fix, Rufus Woods at Brandts Landing my be just what you need.