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Reports > 2017 > February > Wednesday 01
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
By Dave Graybill
Well, January is behind us. Winter is just one more month shorter! When I was last at Lake Roosevelt, trolling for kokanee and rainbow, I noticed two groups of anglers on the shore near the Spring Canyon Park. I didn’t find out how they did, but it reminded me of the fun I have had here in winter. The first time I tried fishing from the shore I got a limit of rainbow averaging 16 inches in two hours. The next time I got just two rainbow but one was 24 inches. My strategy was to walk down the beach until it looked like I would be casting into ten to 12 feet of water. I put a half-ounce slip sinker on my line, and a leader of four feet. On the single hook I thread on a large piece of marshmallow and one of the jarred shrimp I use for sockeye salmon fishing. I would cast it out, let it settle to the bottom and then reel in most of the slack. I did leave a bow in my line so the trout wouldn’t feel the weight immediately. This works great and is a good method to use from shore on all of our area lakes.