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Reports > 2017 > February > Wednesday 15
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I saw that the weather forecast for Ephrata for last Saturday was warm and sunny with no wind, so I dug out my fly fishing gear and headed for Rocky Ford Creek. I hadn’t been down there this winter and hadn’t been fishing anywhere for a while. I had missed a Commission meeting in Olympia due to pass closures so I had an opening. There were quite a few cars in the parking lots when I arrived, but I didn’t have a problem finding a place to cast along the creek. I started out with an indicator and Scud and only caught a small planted rainbow. I tried an Egg pattern and saw a big rainbow nudge it with its nose, but then dash off. I switched to my favorite rig, which is a Mini Leech and Ultra Scud dropper and things changed. On my second cast a whopper grabbed my Mini Leech and tore off across the creek. It had me well into my backing before I could turn it and wrestle it to my net. It was at least 22 inches and fat. It must have weighed 4 pounds. I got another one of 15 inches and one that was 18 inches and a bunch more of the small planters. It wasn’t a super day on the Ford, but it was sure great to get out.