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Reports > 2017 > May > Friday 17
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I checked in with Shelby Ross after the Spring Walleye Classic on Potholes Reservoir. I wanted to know if the fishing had started to improve there this spring. Turns out that Shelby did pretty well in the tournament. He placed 11th, catching almost 30 pounds of walleye, and he culled through 47 during the event. The winning team put over 50 pounds of walleye on the scale. Obviously the warmer weather really turned on the bite in time for the tournament. I also heard the best action was up in the Crab Creek area. When I asked Shelby what worked best for him, his reply was—Slow Death, Slow Death. I also heard from Austin Moser about the fishing for walleye on Banks Lake. It sounds like it has improved, too. On his last outing on Banks his clients boated 11 walleye. This is much better action than Banks has offered so far this season. If you see a couple of days of consistent weather, even cold and rainy, that would be the time to head out for walleye on one of our local reservoirs. Any abrupt change puts the bite off, and don’t avoid the wind. It can actually help.