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Reports > 2019 > June > Wednesday 26
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
By Dave Graybill
I wanted to get back up to Lake Chelan to see if the kokanee were biting one more time. I must move on. It has been fun, but as they say, there are other fish to fry. When Tom Verschueren and I looked over the lake as we came down the hill, we saw a good number of boats trolling for kokanee. As I expected they were well above Lakeside Park, indicating that the fish were moving further up lake. We launched above the dam and ran up to join the fleet. My depth sounder indicated that there were fish around, but the first three fish we landed were pike minnows. Yup, pike minnows. One of them managed to flip around and drive a hook into my finger so deep that Tom had to do the monofilament and jerk technique to get it out. He didn’t like it, but it worked. We moved over to Chelan Shores and landed some fish and then further down the lake by Lakeside. We also landed four rainbow that were 16 to 17 inches that had recently been planted in the lake. Tough going from limits to just a few. Glad I am moving on.