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Reports > 2019 > November > Thursday 07
Thursday, November 7, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Just as I suggest it's time to put the boat away for the winter, we get a week of sunny skies and a forecast of 60's over the weekend. If you think you heard the sound of screeching breaks and a needle scratching across a record, you're right. Then, as I'm perusing social media yesterday, I see a great report on the Wenatchee Fisherman's Forum on Facebook about fishing kokanee in Lake Chelan. Michael Hugev is apparently a pro-staffer for Kokabow and has spent plenty of time chasing silvers around Chelan. He reports, "As of recently, I have had great success just below the Yacht Club towards Millbay. I have come across schools of kokanee along the way. Don‘t rule out the shorelines and the upper water column this time of the year." He adds that he's been fishing anywhere from 30 to 140-feet deep, using orange or pink-dyed corn with a garlic or shrimp scent. Now to see what happens with the big game between Eastmont and Wenatchee tonight as to whether I can head to Chelan Saturday or have to cover a playoff in Moses Lake. Until next time, Good Fishing! (photo courtesy Michael Hugev and Wenatchee Fisherman's Forum)