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Reports > 2019 > November > Thursday 28
Thursday, November 28, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
Happy Thanksgiving! For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Funny thing when you have your head down. It can either end in disaster or a happy accident. The later was the case for me and Dad last weekend on Lake Roosevelt. We were fishing walleye in 120-feet of water and had just landed one. I was dealing with re-rigging rods with my head down and let the bow mount continue on a "northerly course." Of course, that means whatever I set as "north" on my remote control. Little did I know that we'd gone quickly from 120 to 25 feet of water within 50-yards. I looked up to see that we'd not only gotten extremely shallow, but to my amazement, the screen was filled with the tell-tale signs of fish. I turned our course so we'd parallel the shoreline and the fish continued to show up on the screen. I even checked the controls to make sure it hadn't gone into demo mode. I quickly suggested we change over from walleye to kokanee gear because I knew even if they were trout, they'd hit the kokanee gear. Fish were also jumping all around. We landed one very nice trout, but darkness came creeping and we had to quit. Until next time, Good Fishing!