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Reports > 2021 > August > Tuesday 10
Tuesday, August 10, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I grew up in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. It was a logging town back then and folks were really into wrestling. Our coach, Spud Wally, was also the town's mayor for a long time. It was also home to Northern State Hospital. A long time ago, Northern State was a mental facility. But for me and my best friend Rusty Eldridge, Northern State was a place to ride our bikes to and go fishing. The 1,100-acre property was basically abandoned when we were kids. There was a pond on the property, I assume created out of nearby Hansen Creek. We'd gather some worms and take our hooks and bobbers and try out luck while resting beneath a large deciduous tree. Of course, we'd get bored after a while and start skipping rocks or take the bikes for a ride through the ghostly remains of the facility's buildings. Rusty and I were pretty much inseparable back then. But then we moved out of town and time went on and we grew apart. It was great reconnecting with Rusty at my high school's 35-year reunion last weekend. We hope to fish together again someday. Until next time, Good Fishing!