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Reports > 2021 > August > Wednesday 11
Wednesday, August 11, 2021
By Dave Graybill
The recent storms that swept through the Lake Wenatchee area made things difficult for anglers. Fish were biting through the storm, but boat control was a problem. I was trolling with my big motor in gear and my kicker in reverse at times to keep the boat moving slow enough to get fish to hit. I fished on Monday under sunny skies and flat water. However, apparently the fish hadn’t recovered from the high wind and waves. We got some fish, but they were deep. I had my best success at 90 and 100 feet. A friend and I ran all the way up to the lake on Tuesday only to find the wind blowing hard. We watched the boats rocking and rolling on the dock below us and decided that we should try sockeye fishing another day. I plan to get back out there later this week when things have settled down. I am also going to sneak in a trip to Potholes Reservoir before the sockeye fishing on Lake Wenatchee winds down. I hear that there is a lot of water running down Crab Creek to fill Moses Lake and this reservoir. Hopefully this will give us an edge.