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Reports > 2021 > June > Wednesday 02
Wednesday, June 2, 2021
By Dave Graybill
I hadn’t been out fishing for over a week. There are some many good choices right now that I decided to let my brother-in-law Tom Verschuren choose where we would go next. I came up with a clever way to help out. I put three destination names on slips of paper and then let him draw one. I had Banks Lake, Moses Lake and Lake Chelan on the slips, and he chose Lake Chelan. That was fine with me. I had a great time there catching kokanee not long ago with my daughter and her friends from Seattle. We were all set to go after he got done with an early physical therapy session in Wenatchee—until I realized that I had an appointment in Wenatchee on Wednesday, too. We were going to be short on time, so, I made an executive decision and said that we would go to Evergreen Reservoir. We have fished Evergreen in the past and have had some good times catching smallmouth bass, which Tom loves to do. I have also had one of my best days catching largemouth at Evergreen with my wife Eileen. There’s tiger muskie in here, too!
You can see my wife Eileen is pretty tickled with this largemouth she caught on Evergreen some years ago.