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Reports > 2022 > December > Thursday 15
Thursday, December 15, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I spent eleven summers of my life working on my Dad's commercial fishing boat in Bristol Bay, Alaska. One time while changing fishing district, we anchored up waiting on the tide between Nushagak Bay and Naknek-Kvichak Bay. We happened to have a fishing pole on board and on our last drift happened into a few herring. I asked my Dad if I could toss it out and see if anything would hit and he said, "sure!" I rigged it up and tossed it overboard with a banana sinker. The tide was still running pretty good so the herring spun easily in the moving water. I ducked back inside the cabin to make a tuna fish sandwich and before I knew it, I heard the reel on the rod whizzing away. I dropped my sandwich and ran out the door but I was too late. The loose spool backlashed and before I could do anything, the rod lurched out of its hole in the locker board and leaped over the stern. The whole works was gone. Dad said it must have been a King. I sport fished just one other time in Alaska. More on that next time. Good Fishing!