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Reports > 2022 > December > Tuesday 13
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. As our La Nina weather pattern in Washington continues to bring us cold, snowy weather, we are closer to getting out on the ice for some ice fishing. It won't be long before my Buddy Dave Koepke and I are trudging down a windy trail to our favorite spot to drill a hole in the ice and jig for perch or the occasional walleye. I don't get fancy with an ice shelter, sonar or electronic fish indicators. I have a sled, a couple short, light-action rods, a 5-gallon bucket and some tackle. The later will include a few different colored Swedish Pimples, extra hooks, a few Mack's Lure Sonic Baitfish, some maggots and worms. If you don't bring a heater with you, an easy way to help keep the cold from seeping through to your feet is a small piece of carpet remnant. If you find a hot hole and don't need to move much, a little carpet between your feet and the ice can mean the difference of a few more hours of fishing. Hand warmers are a must and a couple toe warmers tossed in your boots don't hurt. Until next time, Good Fishing!