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Reports > 2022 > September > Monday 19
Monday, September 19, 2022
By Dave Graybill
I talked to Travis Maitland, the WDFW biologist in the office on the Chelan Highway recently. We talked about several things and one of them was the upcoming coho salmon fishery on the Icicle River. Coho are already making their way up the Columbia River and anglers can keep them as part of their catch in the Hanford Reach. He said that he had the paperwork in hand to submit to Olympia for approval of the coho fishing season on the Icicle River. If memory serves me this opening will also include the area of the Columbia above Rock Island Dam and the Wenatchee River. The news release should be out in the next couple of weeks, and then we will know for sure. He also mentioned that he had been up the White River to see the sockeye spawning in a few spots. My wife and I drove up there last Saturday and found a great place to see them. Just 4.6 miles up from the junction of the roads to the White River and the road to the Little Wenatchee, there is a wide area on the river side of road that is an excellent place for viewing them.