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Reports > 2022 > September > Tuesday 20
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I had a memory pop up on Facebook from several years ago when Dave and I were at Fish Camp on the lower Columbia River. It reminded me of a video we shot fishing with Shane Magnuson of Upper Columbia Guide Service off the mouth of the Klickitat. Onboard with us was Loren Dunbar of Hevi-Beads and Lance Merz, who was working with Mack's Lures at the time. We were trolling for fall Kings and the action was fast and furious. In fact, I was able to capture video of one of the most incredibly hot fish I've ever seen. We already had a few fish in the box when it was Loren's turn in the rotation. The downrigger rod near Loren hooked up. While Dave and Lance cleared the other rods, I grabbed my camera and began filming. The fish immediately went to the surface and stripped line down river towards other boats. Then, it suddenly turned towards us, swimming as fast as it could, looking like a torpedo. Shane barely swung the downrigger ball out of the way as it circled at the boat. Check out the link on our Facebook page. Until next time, Good Fishing!