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Reports > 2024 > February > Friday 09
Friday, February 9, 2024
By Dave Graybill
I spent the evening in Coulee Dam recently, at the Grand Coulee Center Lodge. This is a great place to stay. I booked my room and got a call back in about five minutes. The person at the desk forgot to ask me if was bringing a boat. They always save space for boaters in the parking area, and you can charge your boat mount electric motor overnight. When I checked in at the front desk the person there told me a guest said he landed a 23-pound triploid earlier in the week and went back out and got a 26-pounder the next day! So, off I went to the middle net pens the next morning. There were two anglers fishing from the shore when I arrived and I set up just up the shore from them. I cast out two rods, baited with Power Bait and waited for some action. I didn’t see any fish rolling until I was there about an hour. Then one jumped right in front of me. Turned out he was on my line and threw the hook! It was raining hard by then, so I headed for home.