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Reports > 2024 > February > Monday 12
Monday, February 12, 2024
By Dave Graybill
I’ve made a couple of trips to Rocky Ford, and my wife reminded me of one our favorite experiences there. We were fishing at the bottom end where there are some pools. I had hooked a fish that ran upstream, around rock and broke me off. I sat down to tie a new rig, and when I looked up I noticed that my indicator, that was still attached to the leader, was moving around in the pool. Huh, I thought maybe I can retrieve it. I dug out the largest Wooly Bugger in my box and tied it on. I made a couple of casts over the old leader and the hook slid up to the indicator. The fish was still on there and I managed to pull it in, release it and get my fly back. My wife Eileen was as amazed as I was, and probably wouldn’t have believed it if she wasn’t there. On my last trip to the Ford, I wasn’t as lucky. I wasn’t getting any interest in my favorite rig or my scud and indicator. I found an Egg Pattern that Darc at the Desert Fly Angler Shop had tied up for me and it worked!