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Reports > 2012 > June > Monday 11
Monday, June 11, 2012
By Dave Graybill
This could be a great season for walleye on Banks Lake, if you make some adjustments. Last year the lake was drawn down and refilled and that has changed things. The main difference is that there is very little if any weed growth. As a result anglers are finding walleye suspended looking for bait fish. They aren’t finding them at the usual locations, around weed beds, so tactics have changed. Walleye are suspended and those that are trolling deep diving plugs are having good success. When anglers find a concentration of walleye spinners and jigs can be used, but it may take some hunting. Some anglers are having good luck with swim baits this year, on lead head jig set ups. Primarily though, if you fish bait fish imitation lures and plugs you will get bit. Fish are hungry and on the prowl and there just isn’t the cover for the smaller fish to hide in. I will be traveling to Banks later this week to fish with a couple of experts to shoot video for my TV Shows and I plan learn what’s working the best this year. I will be sharing what I learn in future reports, to stay tuned.