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Reports > 2014 > September > Monday 22
Monday, September 22, 2014
By Dave Graybill
I got back from Fish Camp a couple of days ago, and it was a great experience. This was the biggest one I can remember, with lots of new people there, from both the media side and the product side. I was very pleased to see Keith Eshbaugh from Dutch Fork, since we had been talking since earlier this year and I have one of his products on my Review Page. There were representatives from CRKT Knives, Eco Soap, Fetha Styx, Pro Cure, Macks Lure, and many others. We ate like there was no tomorrow and fish hard for salmon every day. Fishing was very tough. The water temperatures in the lower river are still in the high sixties and the kings were sulking. This didn’t keep Shane Magnuson from getting fish or Austin Moser when they broke out the Super Baits and flashers. Everyone was trying hover fishing and I only saw one angler do any good. When fishing with Shane we boated 21 one day, and Austin was the high boat the next day for camp with 13 fish. Anglers fishing the Hanford Reach are actually doing better than those down below. Fishing action will go into another gear on the Columbia when the water temperature cools a bit.